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How much clearance does a Sedore Stove require?

All stoves require professional installation and minimum clearances should be verified with your local municipality.

In our area, the sedore stove requires the following minimum clearances:

Back 18 inches

Front 48 inches

Sides 42 inches

Stove Pipe 18 inches

The Sedore woodstove must be installed on a non-combustible surface extending: A minimum of 20 1/2” (520.70mm) in front of the stove, (measured from the legs). And 17 1/8 ” (231.90mm Canada ) on the right, and left side, (measured from the legs), and 8″ (171.45mm ) from the back of the stove (measured from the legs). This will result in a minimum floor protection of 56”W x 52”D (1066.8mm x 1320.8mm) with a Minimum R-value of 1.1.

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