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When Do I Need A Fuel Hopper

The hopper accessory is essentially a metal basket that stands in the front chamber. Any fuel that would smother the flame requires the use of the hopper, unless you mix the granular fuels with larger fuels to allow space for air flow. For example, kernel corn can be added to wood logs.
Here are some examples of fuels that require the hopper:



Wood Pellets

Kernel Corn


2 thoughts on “When Do I Need A Fuel Hopper

  1. Good afternoon,
    I am building a garage this summer and I am interested in adding a Sedore stove as the primary/ only source of heat. I will be a smaller, highly insulated 520 Sq-ft shop sitting on an insulated slab on grade. I am located in Yellowknife NT, therefore I need to apply careful thought and consideration in my heating system. I am currently in the designing stage and had included radiant heat in the slab. I would like to feature one of your stoves in my northern build.
    Can you please recommend a system? I really appreciate your time on this matter.

    Kind regards,
    Dany Major

    1. Hi Dany,

      Thanks for reaching out. I get so much garbage and spam on our site that I didn’t see this comment. I believe I’ve send you an email as you filled out the contact me section of our site. Let me know if you have any other questions at

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