Choosing A Stove


How important to you is the  look of your  the stove? If it’s the centre piece of your off the grid get away? You may want to choose our Ruby Red model.

Another option is to add our stainless steel heat shield to the front of our basic black model (or any other colour for that matter).

We can customize look and colour of the stove to your specifications. Check out possible colours here!

Size Of Your Space

All Sedore Stoves are 41″ high and have a fire box 28″ high.

The approximate direct area you wish to heat will dictate which model you will require. Our model numbers correspond to the approximate size of room the stove are designed to heat.
Sedore 2000 – heats 2000 square feet
Dimension 26″ wide X 26.5″ Deep.
Sedore 3000 – heats 3000 square feet
Dimension 26″ wide X 29.5″ Deep.

Water Jacket Package.

One of the most popular additions to the Sedore Multi Fuel Stove is the Water Coil.  The water coil is a 24″ pipe that is bolted to the rear chamber of the stove.  The pipe is one inch in diameter and has NPT threading.

The pipe can be installed and not used, if you need radiant heat, and have future plans to add a heated floor or other use.

The water coil is made out of stainless steel and machine bent to ensure proper water/glycol flow.

We can install the pipe on either side of the stove to suit your needs.

It is possible to add the pipe in the future.



Individual Requirements

Sedore Stoves can be fitted with a water coil.  With this accessory you can use your stove as the heat source for your hydronic or radiant heat system.  All installations should be professionally done by a licensed plumber or specialist.

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