Sedore Multi Fuel Stoves

Designed to heat up to 3000 square feet

All Sedore Multi Fuel Stoves are UL approved. The Sedore 3000 has a heat output of 150,000 BTU’s.  Choose the stove that is right for you and your space.

Burns 15 different kinds of fuels

Burns biomass fuels including wood, wood by-products, corn husks and stalks, rice hulls, peanut shells, grass clippings, leaves, wood-chips, sawdust, hay, grasses and more.  When you add a fuel hopper to your order you can burn pellets as well as a number of granular fuels.


Load it up, and get on with your day.

Our 20″ x 13″ x 28″ hopper means less time chopping wood.  8-12 hour burn times are expected depending on the condition and quality of the fuel.  As it is a down draft stove, the fuel on top, or the last piece of firewood that you put into the stove, doesn’t burn for hours.  It sits in a hot box for the day and drys out.  So when it reaches the bottom, it’s ready to burn.




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Customized For Your Needs

Choosing A Style

The Sedore Multi Fuel Stove can customized to suit your space.  Many of our users love the classic look of our basic black model.  You can add a stainless steel heat shield to the front to make the stove more of a centre piece.  We sell the Sedore in variety of colours, often custom requested from the client.

For all available colours check this link:

Easy To Use

The Sedore Multi Fuel Stove is super easy to use.  There are no dials, switches, electrical components or slide rulers involved.  Simply adjust the air intake to regulate the speed of burn and amount of heat desired.


Live Off The Grid, or Save On Energy

If you’re looking for an outlet, don’t bother.  The Sedore does not require fans to heat your space.  The corrugated design expands the heat outward in various directions.  We don’t use bricks to block the heat to protect the  inside of the stove.  We just build our stoves better.  High gage steel plates on the inside transfer the heat to the user.




Adding A Water Jacket

The water coil accessory allows you to heat water or glycol in the SEDORE woodstove and may be used for either domestic hot water or radiant heating systems. Thermal-siphoning is recommended. Installation by a qualified heating contractor is also recommended

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The Numbers

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The Reviews

This stove is reliably built, and you can expect it to last for years to come, and the best part is, the model includes the capacity to accommodate water coils that can be used to heat your domestic water or routed through your floor for radiant heating.

4.5 Stars with 16 reviews. Over 37,000 views.

It holds a lot of wood, and has pretty good burn times. 12 hours on a fill is easily achievable with good wood.

-The draft control works great. I was surprised by how well it can maintain a constant temperature. Heck, I think it works better than the electronic thermostat on my heat pump.

IA Burner Forum

It’s just rage’n. That’s all really good, it’s working out really well.

Jesse Youtuber

Where The Sedore Stove Can Be Used

The Sedore Multi Fuel Stove has a number of different applications. We continually like to get feedback from our users on the stove versatility and applications.

  • Barns
  • Workshops
  • Home Heating
  • Off The Grid
  • Integrated into existing system

Reported Uses (to date)

Integrated Into Heating System

Easy to use and maintain

How much clearance does a Sedore Stove require?

All stoves require professional installation and minimum clearances should be verified with your local municipality. In our area, the sedore stove requires the following minimum clearances: Back 18 inches Front 48 inches Sides 42 inches Stove Pipe 18 inches The Sedore woodstove must be installed on a non-combustible surface extending: A minimum of 20 1/2” (520.70mm) in front […]

When Do I Need A Fuel Hopper

The hopper accessory is essentially a metal basket that stands in the front chamber. Any fuel that would smother the flame requires the use of the hopper, unless you mix the granular fuels with larger fuels to allow space for air flow. For example, kernel corn can be added to wood logs. Here are some […]

What Fuels Can I Burn

Fuels Wood is probably the most popular fuel. Well seasoned hardwood will give you the longest burn time. Seasoned wood is wood that has been cut and split and allowed to dry for one year. Some good hardwoods are maple, beech, oak, ash, elm and birch. You can burn softwoods in your new SEDORE stove. […]

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What do I need to consider when buying a Sedore Stove?

Sedore 2000 Walk Through

Here is a quick walk through of a Sedore 2000. The one is our Ruby Red Colour. As the stove gets hot, the colour changes. Remember, we can make a custom order any colour you want. .

Working Sedore 2000

The second video to the right is a working Sedore 2000. It heats a space about 1650 square feet. You can see in the video the chimney has 2 elbows and is not overly high. The Sedore fits a standard 7" stove pipe. All of our stoves will work with a 6"-8" chimney. The most important factor is the height of your stack. You will need at least 14'.

Sedore 2000 Ruby Red

Sedore 2000